don't know why

from by Kenny Allen



they got me running around this crazy town and
i don't even no why
they got me thinking about the ways around and
i don't even no why

fresh on the block and proceed to text
the easiest one i could get to my bet
network bein busy make it hard to flex
this one on the phone so damn who's next

check the inbox looking for some leads
cuz last nights chats i was planting seeds
soft sales like a busy shop owner
one of these days i'm a find myself on her

this activity is extra curricular
i'm doing it for no reason in particular
i'm just just wildin' out in this ancient land
with a new brand new culture
and a language i don't really understand

i do it cuz i can
and everybody tell you i'm your number one fan
you like a gift under the tree still in the wrapper
but yet i'm steppin out on the scene lookin dapper

somehow they got me

you on the case like a private eye
finding mysterious things next to by my bedside
i been tryin clean it up but they turning into stalkers
late night calls so strange and awkward

you standing by my side and it feels good
you like a ghetto chick , you straight hood
inna africa , you a new breed
let's take it forward eni hed

i been thinking bout the depths of your your loyalty
i can't match it you like royalty
temptation like a mother,it,s probably
the best route for me to see just how to be

cool, calm and collected
got me in the midst of a crazy introspective
and i can't help but think to devour
a brand new conquest every hour

they got me

when i think about it carefully
i can't see nothing better than you and me
we got something that just can't compare
a real connection that's oh so rare

but everyday i'm driving down these roads
and curiosity can bare a load
man is weak when he thinks he's strong
i realize it when you say your gone


from Kenny Allen - Free (2012), released November 20, 2012
Allie Delfau - Piano, Rhodes
Amen Viana - Guitars
Kenny Allen - Vocals, Bass
Christophe Pittet - Bass
Dom Briki - Vocals
David ℉ - Drum programming, Keyboards

Mixed and Mastered by David ℉



all rights reserved


Kenny Allen Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

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